November 13 (1989, 2000)
Welcome to the planet, JANET!

 “November 13, 1989

Janet was born at 5:40 A.M. Pacfic Standard Time on November 13, 1989. She was born here at my cabin on Moody Ridge, near Alta in Placer County, California; over the high country to the east, the sky was hinting at the approach of dawn, but stars still shone, and a westering full moon.

Her due date was November 10th, so it was no surprise on Sunday the 12th when Gay showed signs that labor was near [...] Around 11:00 P.M. Sunday more intense contractions made themselves felt, so we drove over to Lora Boswell's place and called the midwife, Sheila, as planned. Then we returned to the cabin to prepare for the birth. Lora followed and was of tremendous help throughout the process.

We opened up the sofa-bed downstairs and made everything ready. Sheila and another midwife, Judy, arrived, but Gay's contractions had diminshed so they bedded down out at the new cabin and Lora returned home briefly. Gay and I went upstairs and tried to sleep. Somewhat after 5:00 A. M. Gay's contractions increased markedly so we moved downstairs. [...]

Sheila came in and suddenly the baby's head became visible. I began taking pictures of the birth, which proceeded very rapidly. The baby was born within ten minutes, perhaps less; Sheila laid her on Gays stomach, all blue and wet and guchy; Janet began to breathe and quickly changed color to a healthy pink. After a few minutes we checked to see whether a boy or girl had joined us; and found... a girl. We noted the time.

In a little while the placenta came, the cord was tied and cut, and then suddenly the sun rose and smiled on a most beautiful, long-fingered, 8 pound-14 ounce little girl. Later that day we bundled her up and walked her out to the cliffs, then up to the meadow for some afternoon sunshine. She slept calmly through all.”

[Russell Towle's journal]

Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 07:32:44 -0800
To: "Terry Davis"
From: Russell Towle
Subject: North Fork American

Hi Terry, Tina,

I'm going to rough out a North Fork WA proposal this week. A couple of web sites have offered some interesting information:  [Dead link]

contains the text of a White House Fact Sheet (10/13/99) in which the North Fork American Roadless Area is at the top of a short list of (examples of) roadless areas the White House wants protected.

And, relating to Wild & Scenic designation of the North Fork of the North Fork, which TNF did not recommend for designation, I have this EPA comment dated 11/8/96 at  [Dead link]

in which the comment reads
>ERP No. LD-AFS-K65185-CA Rating EO2,
>Tahoe National Forest and Portion of Plumas and EL Dorado National Forests, Implementation, Twenty-Two Westside Rivers for Suitability and inclusion in
>the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System, Wild and Scenic River Study, Placer, Nevada, Sierra, Plumas, EL Dorado and Yuba Counties, CA.
>SUMMARY: EPA expressed environmental objections to the minimal protection and designation of exceptional ecological areas and the use of less protective
>classifications for acknowledged wild segments. EPA urged the Forest Service to designate the Downieville complex or to actively seek Research Natural Area
>or Special Interest Area designation for this exceptional, biologically rich area and for reconsideration of the North Fork of the North Fork American River,
>North Fork of the Middle Fork American River, Fordyce Creek, Middle Yuba River, and the upper South Yuba River for designation into an ecosystem
>watershed management strategy.

Also, an interesting source of some information about rivers is at: [Dead link] 


Russell Towle


  1. Wow. A detailed birth story and two of the most awkward pictures of me in existence. Nice! Haha. But actually, this is very sweet.