December 15 (1977, 1986, 2000 )
Rain, Hail, Earthquake, Fog

12/15/77   dawn, cloudy canyon. rained all night ~ probably over 3 inches since yesterday morning. now it hails and then stops, fog envelops Red Ridge Spur at 3800' elev.


~ 9:00 A.M. or thereabouts ~ i thought i felt an earthquake—just a slight shudder. it was trying to snow a while ago. this has been a pretty warm storm.

hail falling on an east wind. I have two rain sounds on my roof—large drops off the trees that are loud and irregularly clustered; and small quite steady drops that make an even drumming hiss. the sky lightens to the south, rainbows are possible but i would have to go elsewhere to watch them.”

[Russell Towle's journal]

12/15/86   the date, uncertain, the day, Monday. Night. A sort of grey day, a bit strange and frustrating; but did work on the curriculum for Giant Gap University and also burned some old old ceanothus; now listen to Monday Night Football and cook quesadillas.

Frustrating? Well, with a strong hunger I drove to Colfax and found that the tofu and carrot juice had not yet arrived; so I went home and worked on burning—difficult, exhausting; then went in search of Bill but he'd left—he'd invited me over, yesterday—so I went to the Vista but [name] was there and I didn't want any vibes, so I went to La Lande's but he has a raging cold, [...] , so, I went to Gold Run Saloon and downed a couple of beers and watched the first quarter of the Bears/Lions game.

The ceanothus I burned was within the upper alcove on the west side of the meadow; it burned with a tremendous heat, but the light rain we had two days ago has left the ground damp, and it was fairly safe, a bit risky only because I could not let the entire pile go, but could burn only a section. May go back up this evening and burn some more.”

[Russell Towle's journal]

Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 19:53:42 -0800
To: Bill_Newsom
From: Russell Towle
Subject: clearing storm
X-Attachments: stormclear.jpg:

Hi Bill,


Today the rain-saturated forest spawned fresh fog late into the morning, the attached photo was taken about noon.

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