January 11 (1979, 1988, 2007)
Pinnacles and Orange Fog

1/11/79  rain rain rain and i broke my old pen.

four inches of rain in 24 hours and i am alone in my cabin with two leaks and a roaring fire. dave and denise should show up soon...

without my pen i have been unable to chronicle my marvelous experiences with cindy. [...]

[...] she [Cynthia Lester] gave me the maidu names for some of the pinnacles* ~ the lowest one is mobut, the next one, shabat, and another, either ‘eagle puke point’ or ‘white spot’ is ishtar. shared a beautiful time with her and jim lee. a healing.”

[Russell Towle's journal]

*One of the best of the many dramatic views of “The Pinnacles” of Giant Gap is seen at the left in the image underlying the title at the top of this blog. Russ took the photo from the south side of the North Fork canyon, the Foresthill Divide side, looking northwest through the Gap. The Lovers Leap view outcrop is on the ridge coming down from frame right.

1/11/88   Morning; after heavy rains last night, thick fog muffles the sky, while views open into the canyon below, and the early sun ignites orange zones in the fog, fog which sweeps through Giant Gap with an eager gait which dissuades me from taking my skis to the high country, too windy, methinks.

Night; The sun actually made an appearance today, and the weather seems likely to hold clear for a few days, so I may actually go skiing.”  

[Russell Towle's journal]

Moisture in motion, over the North Fork American River, January 11, 2007

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