March 27 (1976, 1987, 2001, 2002)
Windy Point

3/27/76 partly cloudy. lots of bright new color as the oaks come into bloom on the sunny ridges…

kit-kit-dizze and prunus subcordata have both begun to bloom. many buttercups have been in bloom for the past week. out of curiosity i've looked at last year's journal to see if i noted the blooming times of these plants then. i've found several references to bloom time, and it appears that this year the various flowers, shrubs, trees of this area are a full month ahead of last year. that is remarkable.”

[Russell Towle's journal]
(Chamaebatia foliolosa)
More about—
Prunus subcordata (Sierra Plum):

Ranunculus californicus (Buttercups), a photo collection:

May 27, 1987    Evening; I've been busy busy lately… Getting some materials together for tomorrow's Lovers Leap hike. Made 100 copies of a map I drew, a single-page lovers leap vignette I wrote, and of the two published accounts of Giant Gap I've garnered over the years. Took the stuff down to Peaches, where we collated and stapled it. Now, back home again, after stopping on the freeway to help a couple of fellows with a flat and no jack handle: they gave me $10, so I am rich…”

[Russell Towle's journal]

Early Spring Blooms on the Windy Point Trail
March 27, 2001

A Windy, Warm Day on the Windy Point Trail
March 27, 2002

Find a map for the Windy Point Trail (south side of the river, accessed from the Colfax-Iowa Hill Rd.) at Ron Gould's North Fork Trails website:

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