May 16 (1976, 2001, 2002)
May Birds and Blooms

5/16/76   early morning, on the little cliffs. grosbeak singing, a freight train rumbles and hums along.…

the river roars below. the rock-blade is lit up in the morning light. i was thinking of walking out to lovers leap this morning. [...]

the moody ridge shadow has crossed the american river. i worked on one of the springs today and cleared a little brush around the building site. while sitting here on the rock after lunch i saw a golden eagle soaring about the ravine. also a sparrowhawk. found an oregon junco's nest while walking back from lovers leap. rick and susan came over and we all saw the eagle, this time with another, smaller, companion? possibly a red-tailed hawk in a territorial dispute…”

[Russell Towle's journal]

Photos, May 16, 2001:

An unidentified fly, visiting a Kit-kit-dizze blossom (Chamaebatia foliolosa).
This plant is also called mountain misery, bear clover, wild fennel, tarweed...

California Gilia
(Gilia achilleifolia ssp. achilleifolia)

Danny's Skullcap
(Scutellaria tuberosa)

Profusely blooming Orange Bush Monkeyflower (Diplacus aurantiacus) photographed along the HOUT (High Old Upriver Trail) which traverses east into Giant Gap from the confluence of Canyon Creek and the North Fork American on the north canyon wall.

Rock and River
North Fork American
May 16, 2002

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