May 26 (1982, 1983, 1986, 2007)
Why Push My Luck?

5/26/82 [...]

These days are precious, so sweet, the luxuriousness of new growth, flowers, birds… what life was meant to be. I am so lucky. Why push my luck by trying for more?”

[Russell Towle's journal]

5/26/83 [...]

I went up skiing last night, following the ridge from Rowton to Crow's Nest during sunset, returning by moonlight. It was fun.

I've spent day after day in the hot, perfect weather at my cabin, working on various projects and reading. [...]

Richard and I are heading down to the High Sierra in a few days.

The crown of spring—dogwoods and wild iris in bloom; the deerbrush almost, meadow is lush.”

[Russell Towle's journal]

May 26, 1986 Evening; the sunset hour. [...]

Yesterday I took Tom Wodehouse, a Berkeley physics professor friend of his named Walter, and a bunch of kids down to Canyon Creek for some gold-mining. Very enjoyable for all. Managed to get a free lunch out of the deal; nice conversation with Tom's friends, literature, history, …

Later I joined Kenji and Gail & friends & their son, Max, a delightful 12-year-old, for some drinks, some gold-panning on their alternate property, and some dinner and more drinks.

Today I stopped by Judge Newsom's, picked up $200 for an ad in the Auburn Journal concerning the Tahoe Forest Plan, drove to Nevada city, Pioneer Park, delivered the money to Otis, and chatted briefly with Steve Beckwit. It was a Function, a gathering in the park for sun and music and against clear-cutting; but I felt somewhat alienated. [...] So I left after a short while [...] returned home, and finished my book, checking every strange sound to see if [name of hostile neighbor*] was coming to kill me.

It was one of those days when I feel instinctively scruffy and under-appreciated: when I hesitate to visit Newsom, when I realized that men my age, my peers, cannot accord me the recognition I deserve, the attention: and, believe me, I am not out to be an Alpha Bull-environmentalist: I am out to help protect what's left of the wild and scenic in California. My experiences with [so and so] remind me of those with that fellow, [another name], one-time president of the Sierra Nevada Group, who ran such an arrogant number on me that I quit the Sierra Club.

But … howsoever … I should keep my eyes on the goal, and be forgiving, and let it all slide by [...]

As worrisome as the prospect of being killed is, the thought of [the same angry neighbor] burning my cabin down, and with years of journals, writings of various kinds, the book on Polar Zonohedra, the many drawings, the many books [...]

[Russell Towle's journal]

Moody Ridge

May 26, 2007

Wood Rose
(Rosa gymnocarpa)

Wild Hyacinth
(Dichelostemma multiflora)

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