May 31 (1976, 1978, 2000, 2001)
Guide to the North Fork American River Trails
of the Gold Run/Dutch Flat Region

5/31/76   early wren shack morning with lovely CLOUDS… clouds which appeared dense last night, heavy altocumulus rolls, and even a few drops of RAIN but not enough to wet the dust… my brother richard came out to canyonland with me yesterday and helped me hassle with dad's ditch-digger, and after a good part of the day we had but twenty-five feet of trench to show for our efforts, and blisters on our hands from pulling the starter rope. so only 330+ feet to go to the Big Black Oak building site ~ and only 100 feet to the Cabañita building site which gives me pause… shall i reconsider Cabañita? i don't think i could build anywhere near as large of a place there. but it has its advantages ~ a nice view, closer to water, no boulders-rolling-down-from-above, and since it would be a Cabañita—a small cabin—it would be easier & less expensive to build. its disadvantages include: visibility from the green valley trail; more shading by evergreen trees; farther from the road. even a cabañita would crowd that little spot ~ and i can't forget the quite healthy and quite leaning digger pine that overhangs the spot.

 ~ today, with clouds, would be a good one to enjoy out at canyonland digging ditches… oh why won't it rain? lay down that dust? or at least thunder to set my hair standing on end, to get me dancing?”

[Russell Towle's journal]

5/31/78  […]

it's been a heat wave these past few days, a hundred degrees day after day, it's hard to work.…

the days go by, and I watched the acorn woodpeckers, listen to their screams and shouts and laughter, note with pleasure the presence of bewick's wrens …

venus is paired with another planet in the evening sky.”

[Russell Towle's journal]

May 2000 ~ Russell produced this 8-pg guide to:

Trails in the Gold Run–Dutch Flat Region
of the North Fork American River

[Some information will have changed since he put this together, but this is a valuable "snapshot" of the N. Fk. trails in the area as of the year 2000. The .pdf file is 2.2 megabytes and can be obtained by clicking here  –Gay ]

Russell Towle and his dog Lucky, providing scale for one of the giants at Sugar Pine Pt.
May 31, 2001

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