May 7 (1976, 1979, 2006)
Eagle Visit

5/7/76 [...]

~ mid-morning. birds. i plot the profile of the lover's leap cliffs on graph paper. such grand cliffs. i look forward to spending a lot of time out there. the canyon walls across from lover's leap are really fine. in the cross-lighting of the mid-afternoon sun all the gullies are well-defined by their shadows, and the one magnificent rib that divides that wall of the canyon is back-lit which displays in great detail the features of its blade-like edge.”

[Russell Towle's journal]

5/7/79 ~ raining, even trying to snow. burying my new water line with its gate valve. Cold but I'm essentially out of firewood.

I took Neil out to see the grinding rocks and we had a nice ramble around the hillside. As we rested near the giant chain ferns spring on the way back, three eagles flew by, one especially close overhead.”

[Russell Towle's journal]

May 7, 2006

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