July 21 (1976, 1983, 1986, 2006, 2008)
Hydraulicking in Earnest ~ More Small Canyon Critters

7/21/76   a hazy canyonland in the nearly morning light… Dave and Mike Nelson came out yesterday; they're taking an interest in buying the top of the ridge here from my dad. That would be fine.

[Russell Towle's journal]

7/21/83  morning. A new pen. Some warm weather finally. After many cool and breezy days, unusual for July. So perhaps the pattern continues—a record wet winter followed by a cool summer.


I have set up a large sluice-box for the hydraulicking. A couple of cleanups convinced me that there is enough gold to make it worthwhile. Also on the hydraulicking front: I have been having success in wedging apart the huge boulders that block the tunnel entrance. I found a long, narrow, thin wedge near the tunnel and drive it into cracks with my splitting maul… VoilĂ ! So with a bunch of muscle (to carry the fragments away), the cave-in may be cleared. Those boulders had me worried.

I have, still, at age 34, a boyish delight in boasting and showing off, so that I can hardly fail to mention what I consider one of my brightest stars: my very diversity and breadth. A dilettante, perhaps, doomed never to make my mark because I divide my energies too much. So I am pleased to find and even more pleased to say that I am, and have been for a long time, the champion Pac-Man player in the local area; the champion x-c downhill skier; the champion reader of the classics; the champion geologist; and who else is into hydraulicking? Or foam domes? Granite slabs? Trigonometry? Or the mystic [?] The glass polar zonohedra that I design and construct? Perhaps if I get this boasting out of my system I can get down to business and keep a proper journal.”

[Russell Towle's journal]

July 21, 1986   After a pleasant weekend with Ed Stadum, culminating in a sort of party last night with Ed and Carla and Shelley Y., tumbled into sleep about 2:30 AM and awoke this morning slowly, slowly, until at 7:45 AM a rolling earthquake shook me into alertness. It reached a peak and stopped after about 20 seconds. Aftershock at 753. I'm listening to the KNBR morning news now and find that it was felt all over central California, and seems to have been centered in my beloved Chalfant, where wonderful petroglyphs face the 10,000' face of White Mountain.

I have finished my article for the BLM magazine, and am at work on a drawing of Giant Gap and a map of the area. I am pleased with the lovers leap article; I hope they will be too. I managed to get the wrens in the picture.”

[Russell Towle's journal]

Small canyon creatures, July 21, 2006:

More small canyon creatures, July 21, 2008:

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