July 29 (1976, 1983, 1987, 2000, 2004)
In particular, I want...

7/29/76 [...]
so next week i'll be back at it out at my land, possibly trying to clear brush from the road, or hauling in piers to the building site. the dollars will go rather quickly now, i would imagine.”

[Russell Towle's journal]

7/29/83 Morning...

Hydraulicking. Finally getting close to clearing the entrance to the tunnel. Amazingly enough, considering the large volume of material, and the 4,000 lb. boulders. Serpentine splits fairly easily in most cases.”

[Russell Towle's journal]

7/29/87 [...]

Ed & Tina and I went for a nice hike on Sunday, ascending the North Fork from the Cedars to Mountain Meadow Lake, at the pass to Squaw Valley. I hadn't been in there since 1974. A lovely spot. We found some petroglyphs up high, at the top of a sharp rise in the canyon floor. Actually, the main canyon might well be considered to be what is called "Chief Creek," which has a more evenly graded floor, and heads up at a higher lake (Needle Lake).”

[Russell Towle's journal]

Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000 07:07:52 -0800
To: Evan Jones
From: Russell Towle
Subject: FS meeting

Hi Evan,

Thanks for the meeting alert. I don't think I'll go. It looks as though written comments will be accepted until August 11. I haven't examined the various alternatives set forth.

Russell Towle

Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000 08:04:35 -0800
To: mailroom_x@fs.fed.us
From: Russell Towle
Subject: Sierra Nevada Framework
Cc: Tina Andolina, "Terry Davis", Evan Jones

Dear Forest Service,

I understand that you will be accepting comments, until August 11, upon the Sierra Nevada Framework management plan, for which eight alternatives have been set forth. My comments are as follows.

I value wilderness areas, scenic beauty, old-growth forests, and hiking trails, very highly.

Over the past 30 years' residence in Placer County, I have witnessed a steady degradation of wild areas, scenic resources, hiking trails, and have observed what appears to be an increased sediment load in the North Fork American river, due to timber harvests within its basin. Of course, not all of this degradation can be laid at the door of Tahoe National Forest. Extensive private holdings within TNF boundaries have been logged over this time period, and new roads constructed to facilitate these timber harvests.

Of the eight alternatives for future management of the Sierran National Forests, I prefer Alternative 5, which effects the highest level of protection for our remaining old-growth forests and wild areas. I wish the Forest Service to de-emphasize timber harvests, and reduce livestock grazing, while promoting scenic qualities and enhancing recreational opportunities. So far as recreation, I favor hiking and non-commercial cross-country skiing, and primitive camping areas, but oppose any expansion of jeep-OHV trails, or snowmobile trails.

In the North Fork American basin, over the past couple of decades, what had been a fine network of historic trails has been partly destroyed, either replaced by logging roads, or obliterated by skid trails and slash piles. I cannot understand how Tahoe National Forest could have stood by and permitted this to happen, both on TNF lands and on private lands with the Forest boundary. If an historic trail traverses private inholdings within TNF, it seems to me that TNF should make every effort to protect that trail, closely monitoring timber harvest plans submitted to CDF, and filing suit if necessary to force protection of the trail.

However, TNF has been far more active in providing special use permits for logging roads and commercial ski trails across TNF lands.

With California's population growing quickly, open space, wild areas, scenic and recreational resources, wildlife habitat, and clean water, are of the greatest importance. Given the fragmented land ownership with TNF, I want TNF to exert itself to acquire private inholdings in the remaining wild or mostly wild areas. In particular, I want TNF to work to acquire the private inholdings in the main North Fork American canyon, and various tributaries of the North Fork (including the North Fork of the North Fork, Big Valley Canyon, Little Granite Creek, Big Granite Creek, and Palisade Creek).

I support Alternative 5.

With many thanks for your consideration of these matters, I am

Russell Towle

Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000 22:04:19 -0800
To: Evan Jones
From: Russell Towle
Subject: Re: Sierra Nevada Framework

>Bravo, Russell, very eloquently put! I will hike the
>Western States Tr next week, and will be interested to
>see the effects of NF policies in that vicinity.
>Evan Jones

The WS is a trail with abundant public support; not because it has a long period of use, but because of Wendell Robie, the Tevis Cup, and the WS 100. It never had a historic existence as one continuous trail (before the Tevis). At any rate, you should find the trail itself intact. Sounds like a nice hike, although perhaps a bit hot in the weather department.

No word from Deane Swickard about the trail crew, yet.

Overnight at Long Lake & Devils Peak
July 29, 2004

Gregory Towle and new friends at the rope swing.

Almost full moon, over a placid Long Lake
First light on Devils Peak, over Long Lake
Dawn, and the coffee fire, Long Lake

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